About Avi

Our first son was born on October 3rd, 5 weeks early. He was not born because I went into labor, but because he was sick. It was the doctors who decided that I would have a preemie. His condition only first appeared to us the day before he was born at a routine ultrasound appointment. After being admitted to the hospital we were told by the top doctors that they did not know what our son had, they had never seen such a thing before. It was decided that I must give birth and soon, so the doctors could diagnose our baby’s condition. So later that day we welcomed our baby Avi to this world. Avi was only with us for six short weeks. In those six weeks we fell in love with him and supported him through many rough times. Several times we almost lost him, but he held onto life for six weeks. On November 13th our firstborn son Avi died. He has left a legacy and will always be in our hearts.